A Small Bathroom Spare

When we talk about fixing the bathroom, we think it is a titanic task. But no, we are not talking about pipes or pipes but the simplest things to modify as part of the decoration that can also help with maintenance. Some details that we can change so that our bathroom remains divine.


Hang a picture or photos. The bathroom is not usually decorated. Usually, we leave things as they are and take care of keeping it clean. However, adding some details such as photographs, pictures or decorative elements can give a touch to that room to which we rarely pay attention.

Changing the curtain or its hooks can also give renewal sensation. Without leaving aside the functionality, we can look for a curtain with a color that we like. But, a nice alternative is to change the hooks. If we have kids, we can see for character clips or simply a detail that will entertain us.

Replacing the visible bathroom faucet allows a simple renovation. For this, we can follow some trend and buy the materials to do it ourselves. Also, it generates savings in water flow and greater pressure at the outlet. However, it can be a bit more expensive, and we may need to request a personal loan to cover the expense. Is it worth the investment?

Changing the frame of the mirrors is another cheap alternative that turns our bathroom completely. We can buy a new one or paint the one we already have, in any way it generates a new space.

But the internal spaces of the house are not the only ones that may need a renovation. If we have a house with a garden or patio, we can also do something to improve it.